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Tatjana Panyoczki 2010

“Tutti Frutti” waxed pompoms, sterling silver, stainless steel pin

The latest comment from Dan (18 August, 2010)

It’s confession time, dear diary.  As I head out for the BOM swap, I have to admit I have yet to wear Tatjana’s exquisite creation – but, fear not, it will be worn –if only to the meet.

And I’m sorry I’ve been a tad unsuccessful this time but:

a.)    I was away for the first fortnight

b.)    I haven’t been anywhere.  Yes, I know, no excuse, but apart from going to the printers (whoopee) and helping my in-laws shift house down country, it’s been a highly unsocial couple of weeks.

And – this brooch screams out for an occasion.

I really love it, it’s a real tactile piece – reminds me of little jubes you used to get when I was a kid.

So, a bit sad I dropped the ball  this month, looking forward to a quick wear tonight and I promise to get back into the swing of it BOM wise.


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