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Blooming Big Brooch – Renee Bevan 2010

cotton, stainless steel pin

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24.4.10 –

Received Renee Bevan’s brooch @ the swap meet. It’s the exact opposite to Kristin’s brooch and much easier to wear and attach.  Having a generous breast shelf on which to perch it helps!

It’s a brooch that attracts a lot of attention.  It’s hard not to notice it.

Wore it to R’s  60th birthday.  People seem to see it from a distance and then come up for a closer inspection.  Some want to touch it, other tried smelling it!

I like wearing it, but I have to be feeling confident and outgoing – several people have wanted to buy one! I’ve sent them along to Masterworks.

It’s fun.


Decided to wear the brooch to Newmarket, and went to various fashion shops – ie Zambesi, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester etc. although peoples’ eyes swiveled towards the brooch, not ONE comment.  Disappointing!

Went into John Howells, the jeweller in Mount Eden.  Asked him what he thought – He commented on its crafting – (good).  Thought it was a fresh interesting, concept.

It has been fun wearing Renee’s brooch, it’s easy to wear.  The pin is very good, and it’s light, and nestles nicely on my chest.

My only reservation would be the backing material is it felt?  It’s not the colour I object too, but I felt a lovely, soft leather, like chamois would probably wear well, and give it a different feel.

Not one person said they didn’t like it.  Some said they wouldn’t wear it.


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