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Gillian Deery 2010

sterling silver, stainless steel pin

The latest comment from Christine (May2010)

“Only when worn does a necklace or ring take on a life of its own; only when pinned to a garment does a brooch assume an identity.”[1]


This quote for me sums of my experience of B.O.M.

I have loved wearing Gillian’s wonderful metallic piece.  This eruption of silver that, when worn constantly on my jacket makes its own special sound.  Such pieces as these are possibly seen as ‘wearable sculpture’.  Wearing this brooch reminded me of the work of Len Castle.  The resonance of his work and references to the volcanic areas of the central North Island.  I can see linkages in both artist’s practice.

For me, the brooch could function as a ‘found object’ as a bit of the real that has been imported into the making process.  Maybe an ‘imitation’ of the real thing.  However its elegance makes this piece very unique.

The brooch has many admiring comments and looks particularly shining on black.  It has both impact and its own delicate nature.  I’m completely sold on this beauty.

Christine May 2010

[1]  Carole Guinard, “De Main a Main From Hand to Hand, Passing on Skill and Know-How in European Contemporary Jewellery.”  Mudac/5 Continents Editions 2008


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Tatjana Panyoczki 2010

“Tutti Frutti” waxed pompoms, sterling silver, stainless steel pin

The latest comment from Dan (18 August, 2010)

It’s confession time, dear diary.  As I head out for the BOM swap, I have to admit I have yet to wear Tatjana’s exquisite creation – but, fear not, it will be worn –if only to the meet.

And I’m sorry I’ve been a tad unsuccessful this time but:

a.)    I was away for the first fortnight

b.)    I haven’t been anywhere.  Yes, I know, no excuse, but apart from going to the printers (whoopee) and helping my in-laws shift house down country, it’s been a highly unsocial couple of weeks.

And – this brooch screams out for an occasion.

I really love it, it’s a real tactile piece – reminds me of little jubes you used to get when I was a kid.

So, a bit sad I dropped the ball  this month, looking forward to a quick wear tonight and I promise to get back into the swing of it BOM wise.

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Blooming Big Brooch – Renee Bevan 2010

cotton, stainless steel pin

Latest comments:  (see all comments below)

24.4.10 –

Received Renee Bevan’s brooch @ the swap meet. It’s the exact opposite to Kristin’s brooch and much easier to wear and attach.  Having a generous breast shelf on which to perch it helps!

It’s a brooch that attracts a lot of attention.  It’s hard not to notice it.

Wore it to R’s  60th birthday.  People seem to see it from a distance and then come up for a closer inspection.  Some want to touch it, other tried smelling it!

I like wearing it, but I have to be feeling confident and outgoing – several people have wanted to buy one! I’ve sent them along to Masterworks.

It’s fun.


Decided to wear the brooch to Newmarket, and went to various fashion shops – ie Zambesi, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester etc. although peoples’ eyes swiveled towards the brooch, not ONE comment.  Disappointing!

Went into John Howells, the jeweller in Mount Eden.  Asked him what he thought – He commented on its crafting – (good).  Thought it was a fresh interesting, concept.

It has been fun wearing Renee’s brooch, it’s easy to wear.  The pin is very good, and it’s light, and nestles nicely on my chest.

My only reservation would be the backing material is it felt?  It’s not the colour I object too, but I felt a lovely, soft leather, like chamois would probably wear well, and give it a different feel.

Not one person said they didn’t like it.  Some said they wouldn’t wear it.

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argonauts + antipodes – Kristin D’Agostino 2010

copper, ball chain, steel pin, polymer clay


Latest comment from Joey (Aug/September 2010)

I wore my BOM ‘Argonauts  and Antipodes’ like a piercing on my favourite T-shirt the 1st time & the kids I teach loved it.  The 7th formers saw its brilliance.  Each time I reached for that T-shirt I wanted to war “A & A” too!   Unfortunately after one frantic day in the Art Room I thought I’d lost it but later found it on the floor.  I got too scared to wear it after that!!  But I loved it!!

Joey xx

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In the Pink – Ross Malcolm 2010

plastic, nylon, sterling silver, stainless steel pin

See comments for all wearers reflections.  Latest comment on Ross’s broach  –

Hmm, initial outing felt a bit like coming out – a stunned audience to which I responded. “Yes – it does make you feel a little gay.” There after all the women wanted to try “In the Pink”.
A fascinator.
Not very man friendly but a great challenge to wear
Hopefully it has enjoyed a little time resting in the box after that exhausting trip around the south island.
– wearer

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Vessels – Raewyn Walsh 2010

Fine silver, oxidised silver, copper, paint, graphite powder, surgical steel


See comments for all wearers feedback.    Latest comment by Dan (25 April, 2011):

Month 3

To be honest a Broach Month of fits and starts – got it late and swung into action – loved the texture and colors – & envisaged the way I could wear ‘them’ in a variety of ways.  But…put then on several times, but on most of my jackets, they didn’t quite work.  Either a tad heavy, or a bit crowded on a slim lapel, so they had a few thwarted outings.  Wore them to an A.R.T Trust meeting so they got their outing the other day.

So feel a bit guilty that Broach x3 didn’t spend much time out of the box – didn’t help that I was wearing my leather jacket most of the month because of the cold….


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Sub Aquatica – Lynsay Raine 2010

brass, polymer clay, steel wire


See comments for all wearers feedback.    The Latest post by John (21 April 2010)

21 April 2010

To sum up –

I have had Lynsay’s brooch for a month.  I haven’t worn it a lot but I have looked at it and handled it almost daily.  I guess I like the direct rapport with a piece rather than having to look at myself in a mirror to see the work so

I might be a brooch wearer.  Although I have pieces from Warwick Freeman and Steph Lusted and I do wear them sometimes.

The one big moment was the Objectspace opening and I blew it because I had carefully hid den the piece away from burglars and could not find it on the day.

Sorry Lynsay.

Also I guess I don’t go out much to appropriate wearing places.

RESOLVE to do better next time.

John Parker

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